2. I’m finishing up some tracks for my new “band” LIZARD TAIL. I’ll be releasing a split EP with my buddy Nathan Friedman this Saturday! It’ll be available online for free. So stoked!

  4. good times

  5. Here’s part a snowboard graphic that will be coming out this winter!

  7. The grocery store down the street from my house.

  8. Ya boy Bryan Peterson stays petting puppies! Oh yeah, he also makes rad art! Check it out here:


  9. Workin’ on some new stuff!

  10. So I’ll be showing some paintings and singing some songs tonight in Chicago. It’s ganna be a big group show/house party/concert thing. I go on at 11:30.

    It’s at: 4635 N Ashland Ave.

    Hit me up if you want any more info!

  11. Just goofin’ around on a Thursday!

  12. Here are a few photos from the Salad Days group show in Wales. The show was curated by Phillip Morgan! super rad dude!

  13. Tons of stuff

  14. Smiley’s Flea Market

  15. Working on a bunch of new paintings for shows on the west coast this summer!