1. Just tattooed my best bud since like 3rd grade, Carlos. You might recognize him from his school photo in DEAD DIRT! Haha

  2. Alligator Kid - new band name for the album I’m working on.

  3. Photo by my little brother, Tristan Pelletier

    Fun skate session today!

  6. I can’t wait to get my shader so I can start coloring my tattoos! From it being back ordered to them sending the wrong machine, it’s been a crazy hassle trying to get it, but it should be here soon!

  7. I avoided doing real work yesterday and made this! So stoked on how it came out!

  10. So here’s the first knife I made! Stoked on how it came out!

  11. Smiley’s Flea Market - North Carolina

  13. Here’s a sneak peak of a board I did for Friend Ship Skateboards today! It should be coming out sometime this summer! Stoked!

  15. Asheville, North Carolina