1. Just goofin’ around on a Thursday!

  2. Here are a few photos from the Salad Days group show in Wales. The show was curated by Phillip Morgan! super rad dude!

  3. Tons of stuff

  4. Smiley’s Flea Market

  5. Working on a bunch of new paintings for shows on the west coast this summer!

  6. My trip to NC was super fun! I got to go to the flea market again. I took a bunch of photos while I was there. Super stoked on how they all came out!

  7. Photo of my roommate Mile Jackson.

    He makes super rad art! Check it out!

  11. So stoked to be able to do this flyer! It still doesn’t seem real! Haha Make sure you go there website and get tickets!

  13. Workin’ in the studio!

  14. Phillip Morgan curated a sick show out in Wales on march 27th! Sick line up and it’s an amazing group of artists! so stoked to be a part of it!