1. Jeffrey Kubasak is the best people. Rad artist. Good friend. Stoked to have him in Chilled Air at Think Tank Gallery on the 21st in LA!

  3. Ya boy Bryan Peterson setting up some of his work for Chilled Air!

  4. So stoked for the show!!!! It’s ganna be so insane! I hope everyone makes it out for it!

  5. So it’s official! Haha I’ll be playing an acoustic set at Think Tank Gallery for the ‪Chilled Air‬ opening on the 21st! So come look at art, drink some beers, skate around, and hear me goof around for a couple songs. Yarrow Slaps will be playing a set too! So that’ll be rad!

  7. Today was unreal! It was super fun painting with Austin England, Michael Hsiung, Jeff Kubasak, and Ally Atchison for Chilled Air at Think Tank Gallery! This show is going to be so much fun! Good vibes all around! I hope everyone comes out for it!

  8. Eric McHenry and I talking about the great mysteries of life and painting ramps for the CHILLED AIR show at Think Tank Gallery in LA on the 21st!

  9. Mural 8 of 8 for Gatorade/Woodward! This was such a fun trip! I’ve never been so exhausted in my entire life! Haha but it was so worth it! I’m headed out to LA tonight to start setting up the show I curated with Austin England. The show will open on June 21st at Think Tank Gallery.

  10. Mural 7 of 8 for Gatorade/Woodward

  11. So, while I was painting Woodward Copper , Tripp Fay took this rad time lapse of the whole process! So stoked on how it came out!

  12. Yesterday was my last day painting my 8 gatorade/woodward murals! It’s been such a crazy trip! So much fun! I’ll post pictures of the finished murals later today.

  13. Mural 6 of 8 for Gatorade and Woodward! It was so much fun painting in Colorado! Next stop PA! So stoked!

  14. Mural 5 of 8 for Gatorade/Woodward.

  15. I’ll be finishing up my two murals woodward copper today! And then I’ll be headed to woodward in PA to paint my last two gatorade murals!